The IIW Control Station is a browser-based software tool designed for the control and management of order and services processes.

Modern service processes are more and more characterized by following features:

  • They are complex, i.e.
    • there is a manifold of orders to be controlled
    • each order is featured by a number of order stages that may be clearly distinguished and defined, and be controlled
  • Processes are run by a manifold of persons or even organisations, i.e. a multitude of units is involved, have to decide, and therefore need real-time information on the present status of the order and resources
  • Participants are dislocated, i.e. distributed among a certain geography.

Typical situations may be found for example

  • within transport industry, including many locations of dispatch and reception, several service partners, many places of operational decision making
  • within technical maintenance, and repair services, for example for devices, vehicles, machinery, or plants
  • within facility management.

As we found in practice, the interfaces between firms often lacks technical standards. Therefore, such service processes – even between renowned firms – are often equipped with too few effective IT applications. Order management and monitoring are often enough done by fax, telephone, and paper work.

Concludingly, such business processes show lower productivity, time delays, few documentation, a high failure rate.
In these business cases the IIW Internet Control Station could contribute not only in terms of cost but also in terms of quality:

  • for each person involved relevant information is available anytime
  • the business process and information needs and provisions are decribed more exactly, process quality will be improved
  • information quality is improved, operational misunderstandings will be avoided
  • reply calls and check-ups by phone may be saved
  • operational work becomes more effective and efficient
  • information is earlier available (real-time), decisions may be made earlier, scopes of planning may be exploited more optimal, even further optimisation is possible
  • persons involved may participate from any place, also mobile applications are possible, work becomes more flexible.

The most important impacts for service operations are quality, flexibility, productivity, and increased scopes of planning.

Customer´s IT systems are often highly complex and often require more protection.
For implementation it is of importance that programming and hosting of the IIW Internet Control Station are realised autonomously, meaning they happen outside customer´s IT systems.

IIW Internet Control Station means a secure and well-performing solution that may be realised within short terms and at reasonable costs, which again means a pay-off within shortest terms.