Prof. Dr. Carl B. Welker on Digitisation and Disruption during the EMS Summit, Berlin.

Once Met – Forever Smitten.

Information Management and Information Technologies are the major success factors for Corporate Future Viability.   This has been our mission since the  IIW Digital Institute was formed as a Venture Capital start-up in the mid 1990s.

That´s why all IIW focuses on Digitisation and Disruption:  It´s all about new conceptual frameworks and new solutions for Business Management and for IT Service units.

And this is what we do for our sponsors and corporate clients:  We mobilise future technologies, we develop new management approaches, we implement new service systems, marketing concepts –  and so much more:  

We sharpen your Blades for the Digital Age


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Ideas and Innovation

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Corporate Learning
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IT Management
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Blockchain in Business
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