Prof. Dr. Carl B. Welker at the European Manufacturing Strategies Summit

Drive Digitisation – Do not let it Drive you.

Information Management and Information Technologies are the major success factors for Corporate Future Viability.   This has been our mission since the  IIW Digital Institute was formed as a Venture Capital start-up in the mid 1990s.

That´s why all IIW focuses on Digitisation and Disruption:  It´s all about new conceptual frameworks and new solutions for Business Management and for IT Service units.

And this is what we do for our sponsors and corporate clients:  We mobilise future technologies, we develop new management approaches, we implement new service systems, marketing concepts –  and so much more:  

We sharpen your Blades for the Digital Age


More than Research:   Hot topics  2018

Smart City -  Urban Evolution for the Future

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Corporate Viability: IT Departments of the Future

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2018 Series:  Smart Support to Smart Clients


Ideas and Innovation

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Corporate Intelligence
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Corporate Learning
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IT Management
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Blockchain in Business
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